• Unpacking the Fun/Think/Talk/Do cards

    02 March 2015

    So you’ve bought your Group Experience Kit and are busy working together as a team to plan your MOPS year. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Fun/Think/Talk/Do (FTTD) cards…

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  • Beautiful Leaders are at the ‘Heart of MOPS’

    03 November 2014

    Each year the Board of MOPS  Aust has opportunity to recognise the outstanding contribution of leaders by conferring MOPS Australia Awards.

    The ‘Hand of MOPS  Award’ is given to a leader who has contributed in an outstanding way at a local / regional level.

    The ‘Spirit of MOPS  Award’ is given to an organisation that has supported or promoted MOPS.

    The ‘Heart of MOPS Award’, is arguably the most prestigious, being awarded to MOPS leaders whose leadership and contribution has been exemplary at a national level.

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  • Will you consider one more year?

    08 September 2014

    Many years ago when I first discovered MOPS, I was so pleased to find a ministry I could do with my child ‘in tow’. I didn’t have to wait till my daughter was in school to be involved in worthwhile and productive ministry! When I ‘graduated’ from MOPS I thought that was the end of my MOPS ministry. But I was wrong. The following year, with no new MOPPETS leader in sight, our Coordinator asked me if I would consider giving MOPS one more year. 

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  • Keep the Vision Alive

    18 August 2014

    Over my years in MOPS leadership a particular issue has arisen now and again, but in the last couple of months, it has come up too often for my comfort.

    How do Christian women, not on our MOPS teams but in our MOPS groups, perceive MOPS?

    How do young Christian mums in our MOPS churches, who don’t attend MOPS, perceive MOPS?

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  • A Beautiful Mess… Greetings from the Board!

    10 March 2014

    When I drag my body out of bed in the morning and walk past a somewhat large bathroom mirror to the shower, I try not to even glance at the vision reflected there. My husband has been known on countless occasions (almost daily) to tell me how beautiful I am. Does he need medicating? He sees beauty… I see an early morning mess in need of beautifying!

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