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  • Being Brave and Saying YES!

    01 September 2014

    It’s less than four weeks till registrations close for our Australasian MOPS Conference 2014. As Registrar of this year’s Conference, it has been such a joy to watch as the numbers have ticked over – almost daily! Hopefully you’re one of the scores of ladies who have already registered for this amazing weekend of growing as a leader, and relaxing as a mumma.

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  • MOPS Australia Conference

    21 July 2014

    Registrations are open for our 2014 Australasian MOPS Conference being held on 17-19 October.

    Have you registered yet?  A number of leaders and even a few babies are already registered for conference.  At the moment Queensland has the most leaders registered; can your state beat them?

    Are you still a little undecided about coming?

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  • Mom’s Night Out Movie Review

    14 July 2014

    It only took one viewing of the trailer and I was ready to sit through any kind of movie to hear the punch line.  That bit, did you catch it?  Where he says that her job is… not “hard”… but “worthwhile”  (or was is “valuable” or was it “important” who cares…). Because we all KNOW it’s a hard job, this mum business.  But I think that we could be reminded a little more often of how important (and valuable and worthwhile) it is!

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  • Messy MOPS!

    07 July 2014

    You settle into bed on MOPS meeting-eve, relaxing as you contemplate that everything is organised and prepared for tomorrow’s meeting.  In the morning the phone rings and the news is not good – your nicely-laid plans are now in disarray.  Noooooo!!!!!!

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  • Collecting Stamps

    02 June 2014

    My kids have just discovered the joy of stamp collecting.  When my parents packed up their home a few years ago I was given all the stamps that my brother and sister and I had collected as kids.  And now my kids are covering my dining table in soaking bowls and drying towels and thousands of tiny bits of paper.  Today I sadly reflected on how blessed they are that that treasure trove of everyday (trash?) treasure wasn’t dumped years ago.  How in these days of email and texting could I ever get my hands on that volume of stamps?

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