• The Master Weaver’s Plan

    28 July 2014

    I first saw this poem in Corrie Ten Boom’s house/museum in Holland.  She had a piece of tapestry framed front and back with glass and this poem beside it.

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  • Change

    19 June 2014

    Thoughts of change excite our imagination and fill us with possibilities of what could be and yet the decision to make a change is enough to send many of us into a cold sweat, often causing us to live uncomfortably within our comfort zone.

    Why is it that contemplating change makes us nervous and resistant? Maybe it’s the loss of identity, position or relationships we have long cultivated and the lack of confidence in future prospects that keep us from moving on when our heart is calling us to something new.

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  • Gardening

    16 June 2014

    What kind of gardener are you?
    I love my garden – I do a bit of weeding and pruning, planting and shaping new garden beds, but there is opportunity to do so much more. I could have a veggie patch the envy of my neighbours or a green house boasting seedling of all sorts. So I guess I only loosely deserve the title ’gardener’, because I’m not quite ‘there’ yet.
  • Precious Tears

    19 May 2014

    As mums we wipe away a lot of tears – our kids’ tears, and our own. Fascinating images of tears under a microscope have gone viral this week online. Part art and part science, these images show the difference between basal tears (which keep our eyes lubricated), reflex tears (which occur in response to irritants) and emotional tears (which can be positive or negative). Below are happy tears, sad tears, and onion tears:

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  • Confession: I don’t like being a mother!

    07 April 2014

    I have moments where it makes me happy and days when I hate it, but, by and large, I don’t like being a mother!

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