Cultivating gratitude when life gets tough

Have you ever had one of those days, when something goes wrong and invariably it seems like everything else goes wrong and it ends up just being a ‘bad day’? There may have still been good things in there, but they seem to be overshadowed by all that is wrong. Well, I feel like I’m having one of those years! Maybe you can relate? Continue reading “Cultivating gratitude when life gets tough”

Being a confident mum in the information age

Your child is entering a new stage and you need to make a parenting decision about how to handle some new behaviours…So you hop onto one of the Facebook Mummy groups you’re in and ask a simple question to help you decide. 

The answer should be unanimous, right? The research should be clear? 

Ha! If only… Continue reading “Being a confident mum in the information age”

Raising boys

Raising boys! A topic I’m passionate about, especially as I have three sons! But also, as my husband recently said, a topic we’re still learning about, as we now navigate the teenage years. If you don’t have sons yourself – please read on, so you can better support your friends who do have sons – who may end up being your daughter’s husband one day!! Continue reading “Raising boys”

Separation guilt

As I write this, I’m watching someone else’s children jump into a pool and I’m suddenly conscious of the fact my kids are nowhere in sight. In fact, my kids are nowhere near me – they are a few thousand kilometres away at their grandmother’s house. We are now in that wonderful stage of parenting where my husband and I are able to leave them for a few days. Continue reading “Separation guilt”

Who are you? Step into the light and see yourself clearly

“Have you ever thought about how strange it is that the only person we are with every moment of every day can still mystify us? We cannot escape from ourselves and yet our actions and thoughts can still confuse us. Continue reading “Who are you? Step into the light and see yourself clearly”

Love Languages of Children

On Mother’s Day when my daughter was in preschool and not quite 5 years old, she gave me so, so many presents. The majority of them were handmade and included lots of bits of papers with things that she’d drawn or made for me. As she gave me these gifts, she used the words “I’m giving you all these presents because I love you so much!” My daughter’s love language is gifts. If we had people coming over, she would often make something for everyone coming, to show how much she cared. Continue reading “Love Languages of Children”