Transitional Parents : 4 steps to overcoming generational family patterns

No-one comes from a perfect family background but, for some, the words ‘dysfunctional home” is an all too accurate description of their past. Their parents and grandparents may not have been terrible people, but were likely ‘broken’ people.

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Feeding your family frugally (and with love)

A little while ago I stumbled across an article via social media as you do. It was about feeding a large family and unfortunately it was all the bad news with no mention of any hints, tips, solutions – or reasonable healthy limits – a bit of an attention seeking piece.

So…I decided to share with you about how we try to do things in our home. Continue reading “Feeding your family frugally (and with love)”

Don’t Judge Me!

Recently I was having a coffee out with a friend and some of our kids. I told her I had to go buy some new bath toys after our coffee and asked if she could recommend any good ones.

“Well, most of the ones in regular shops are made of plastic, so we don’t use those because plastic isn’t safe,” she said, “but you could try this online store…”

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Unexpected joy

I have read lots of posts about pregnancy loss. I experienced an ectopic pregnancy when my first child was only 2 years old and had to process the loss of that little life as well as the very real risk to my own life. I have grieved with friends who have held their dying baby in their arms, those who have struggled for months and years to fall pregnant only to experience loss again and again. I have shed tears with them and cried when I got to experience the first sounds of a precious heartbeat growing deep in their womb and celebrated when they have finally held that much-anticipated child in their arms.

I understand the grief of loss and the need for consolation and understanding.

But I did not anticipate the grief of unwanted/unplanned pregnancy; the fact that no-one knows what to say or do to help; or the way it would change my life. Continue reading “Unexpected joy”

A year of being wholehearted


Chatting with friends at the beginning of the year we meandered upon the topic of our “word” for 2017. It’s a habit I eavesdropped from the wonderful world of blogging and I liked the sound of … “a word for the year”.

It’s the idea that a chosen word becomes the inspiration, goal and motto for the year to come. 2016 for me became the year of “Simplify.” For me it was a focus for my thoughts and actions; a reminder; a catch phrase. 2016 was anything but simple! Continue reading “A year of being wholehearted”