Five tips for more effective mothering

Sometimes you can feel as though you have this mothering gig nailed. At other times you can feel as though you’re helpless to avoid being consumed by it all, paddling as fast as you can but not making any headway.

What makes the difference between the good days and the not-so-good days? Can we tip the scales in favour of more good days? Is it possible to be proactive about improving our effectiveness as mothers? Continue reading “Five tips for more effective mothering”

Juggling school with babies

It took me by surprise how fast my daughter’s first year of school went by.  Weren’t we just here, settling her in for her first day, a month ago?

I currently have a primary schooler, a pre-schooler and a toddler. They are quite close in age, and yet their needs are still so different! While much of our time with kids in the early years seems to pass by quickly, there’s something about the school years that makes time go even faster. Continue reading “Juggling school with babies”

Let Love Be The Loudest Voice!

What’s the big deal with the 3 simple words ‘I love you’?

As a midwife I cared for a woman having her second child just last week and her first words when she took her little girl in her arms, through sobs of joy, was ‘I love you so much’.  I don’t have to tell you that it was a pretty special moment. Continue reading “Let Love Be The Loudest Voice!”

A glance in the rear vision mirror before we proceed

I have a 16 year old son who is learning to drive.  He has only just this week sat for his Learner’s licence, and so it has begun with the basic foundational principles, like the importance of checking your mirrors before you move off.

Coming to the end of another calendar year, I thought we could take a quick look in the rear vision mirror before we move off into a New Year. Continue reading “A glance in the rear vision mirror before we proceed”

The 12 day birthday party

What do you think of when you hear the date December 26th? Perhaps it’s Boxing Day and you’re out hitting the sales. Or maybe you think of it as recovery day. You know, that day when you know you’ve survived Christmas and now it’s time to stay in bed, preferably with the covers pulled over your head. It’s the day you eat the Christmas leftovers and wonder how your children are already bored with their new toys. Magical may not be the word that comes to mind. Continue reading “The 12 day birthday party”