Love Languages of Children

On Mother’s Day when my daughter was in preschool and not quite 5 years old, she gave me so, so many presents. The majority of them were handmade and included lots of bits of papers with things that she’d drawn or made for me. As she gave me these gifts, she used the words “I’m giving you all these presents because I love you so much!” My daughter’s love language is gifts. If we had people coming over, she would often make something for everyone coming, to show how much she cared. Continue reading “Love Languages of Children”

Surrender daringly to the notion of messy play

What comes to mind when you hear ‘messy play’? Sick in your stomach? Excited? Indifferent? There is always a range of responses whenever I speak on this topic in MOPS groups. In the day-to-day activities that come with parenthood, messy play may be a blip on your radar that you haven’t even considered before. Continue reading “Surrender daringly to the notion of messy play”