The Power of Noticing Goodness

city-street-1149101__180I remember my first year of teaching well. I was a country girl, recently married and had just moved to the big city. The school I was sent to was an inner city primary school and the street on which it was located was notorious for prostitution and drug dealing!

(It would have been nice to know that before I stopped off at a café for coffee and later learnt, with great hilarity from my colleagues, that the particular place I had chosen was known to have the worst reputation for drug trafficking in the area!) Continue reading “The Power of Noticing Goodness”

Through my Children’s Eyes

SarahGuy_IMG_5394-950x633Here is a universal truth – no matter how good my eyesight is, I can’t see what another person sees. According to psychologists, one of the fundamental stages in theory of mind is to recognise that different people think different things. And that other people want different things. (My youngest child isn’t there yet, he still assumes I want to talk Minecraft strategies by the hour.) Continue reading “Through my Children’s Eyes”

Mother’s Day


Ok, so I think we both know that Mother’s Day, is gonna bring allll the feels.

Whether its the grief of much-loved children and Mothers lost to the grave, the despair of the dream of motherhood being crushed with just one sentence from a Specialist, perhaps heartache from the adult-child whose Mothers’ ‘best efforts’ were more damaging than good… Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

Flourishing with a Newborn in the House

2015 was a year of many developments for our family, the biggest of which was falling pregnant. As I looked ahead to this year – the year our third child will join the family – some distinct phrases came to mind. Phrases like “survival mode” and “complete write-off” and “barely coping”. There are many wonderful things about newborn babies, but I know from experience that the first several months are a hard slog. Continue reading “Flourishing with a Newborn in the House”