Successful Breastfeeding

All mums are different and make different decisions about their mothering. And that’s OK. We make decisions based on an array of values and circumstances. Sometimes life is out of our control and decisions are made for us. Sometimes it is hard and we choose to persevere. Sometimes we choose a different path. And that’s ok. Continue reading “Successful Breastfeeding”

A year of being wholehearted


Chatting with friends at the beginning of the year we meandered upon the topic of our “word” for 2017. It’s a habit I eavesdropped from the wonderful world of blogging and I liked the sound of … “a word for the year”.

It’s the idea that a chosen word becomes the inspiration, goal and motto for the year to come. 2016 for me became the year of “Simplify.” For me it was a focus for my thoughts and actions; a reminder; a catch phrase. 2016 was anything but simple! Continue reading “A year of being wholehearted”

MOPS is for mums – and YOU’RE welcome

If you are a mum of little ones and you are looking for a place to belong, a place to learn alongside other mums, a place to share the joys and challenges of mothering or a place to find friendship – a MOPS group might just be the place for you.

It is a place where developing the art of mothering becomes a shared journey.

Here are six things to expect when you come to a MOPS group:

Continue reading “MOPS is for mums – and YOU’RE welcome”


star-gazing2When was the last time you went star gazing?

We used to go to a place called Swimcart Beach on Tasmania’s pristine East coast. It was perfect for stargazing because it was removed from the light pollution we get from being near a population centre. We would lie on a blanket, (this is Tassie so we had a good few layers of clothing on, including a beanie, and a fire as well) and just gaze upwards. Continue reading “Stargazing”