Stepping into Freedom

25 October 2017

Are there mums in your group who are ready to learn more about God?

Are there mums asking questions about faith?

Do you want to draw your leaders together as a team?

Stepping into Freedom is designed to stimulate conversations about faith and can be used in a number of different ways outside of the MOPS morning.

You could use it for leaders personally or on a team retreat, in an off MOPS week study group for enquirers, one to one or on social media.

Each discussion starter in this book comes with questions to encourage deeper discussion of the same topics that are covered in the 16 Finding Your Wings video stories.

Leader study

This might be a good option for your leaders to do on the week before your MOPS group meets. The purpose would be to get them thinking about the topic and prepare them better to help guide the conversation at their table.

Off Week Study

It’s a perfect book to use in a meeting with MOPS mums interested in going deeper. With the Finding Your Wings DVD sessions going for about 20min you could use them at the start of your study time. If you don’t use the DVDs at your MOPS meetings then here is where you could use them. Or they could be used as a topic refresher for mums who had already seen them at MOPS.

One to One

You may have a mum in your group that you already meet with personally – or that you would like to meet with – and you could use this book to expand on the topics spoken about at MOPS.

Social Media

You could put up snippets from the story and use the questions to generate thinking and maybe some mums will be brave enough to share their thoughts.

Mandy Selke

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