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18 October 2017

In 2017 we had Discover/Discuss/Do cards for MUMSnext and for 2018 they have gone one step further and given us a whole meeting plan book just like they have for MOPS. Mums at this stage of life are quite different from mums who have children at home all day and the MOPS topics are not always relevant for MUMSnext mums. This meeting book recognises the particular needs of mothers with children at school.

It’s set out the same way as the MOPS meeting plan book with the 3 sections: Welcome, Meeting and Connection.

The Welcome   – Helps every woman who steps through the doors at MUMSnext feel at home.

  • The Need – The reason why MUMSnext mums will find this topic interesting.
  • Fun – To welcome mums and get them talking.

The Meeting – Works through all of the new experiences a mum encounters on her journey.

  • Think – A video or speaker suggestion that will address the need.
  • Do – An activity that will get the mums involved with each other and their community.
  • Additional Resource – A resource you can point your mum to for more information on a topic or for leaders to use ahead of time to prepare for the meeting.

The Connection – Create space and a place for every heart to belong.

  • Talk – Discussion questions to start the conversation.
  • Go Deeper – these questions invite deeper discussion.
  • NEXT Connect – Connect with mums outside the meeting or help mums connect with their family about meeting topics.


There are 15 meeting plans in the book. Some topics link up with the ‘Finding Your Wings’ DVD talks. Other topics are suggested, and ideas about how to lead them, or who you could ask to present them.

Go Deeper

These Go Deeper questions are not always a ‘Christian’ question but most can provide an opening for deeper discussion at the table and opportunity for Christian mums to share their personal experiences. Once you’ve looked at the basic the questions, think about adding a Go Deeper question into your table discussion. It could also be one for your newsletter or a social media post.

NEXT Connect

This section of the book is all about getting the mums to connect with each other and their families in-between meetings. One idea might be for a social media post, another setting a challenge for the mums to do during the week, or even planning an event for the mum to attend. It’s all about connecting with the mums. Do what works for your group.

At the end of each topic there is room for you to make planning notes about how you are going to run the meeting. Take advantage of keeping everything in one place.

You might want one plan book for the group – or each member of your team might like to have their own book in which to make notes.

Mandy Selke

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