Freedom to Choose – Theme Ideas Book

11 October 2017

It’s exciting for me as a coordinator that everyone that went to conference has received a copy of this amazing little book!

The theme ideas book is the perfect book for all leaders to have, having all the leader login in details for MOPS Australia and MOPS International at the start of the book, making sure every leader has access to all the information they need. It means that every leader no matter what their position can be fully involved and aware of the theme and able to contribute to team planning.

You will find the MOPS office calendar of events giving you an outline of when to order your items and when specific forms need to be returned.

I love that it’s all made so easy for us leaders this year with ‘Connecting the Content’ (pg6). It links the DVD talks with the mum workbook (All The Things) to help you incorporate the book in to your mornings and give the mums a chance to get more out of each topic.

On page 10 you will find all the information you need about the DVD talks. It gives you an outline, who is presenting the talk, how long it goes for and this is where you will find Erma’s great reviews of each segment making it easier to choose what ones will suit your group.

The extra theme related topic ideas are listed under 4 categories: Freedom, Let Love Be the Loudest Voice, Be Gutsy and Take the First Step. These are awesome and many of them connect to the pages in the mum workbook.

If your group is looking for ideas to serve the community then check out page 17 for a list to get you started. They come with links to the Australia websites.

The last page of the book covers the MOPS fundamentals, giving all leaders the basic principles of a MOPS group.


Mandy Selke


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