Encouraging Freedom – A Mentor’s Voice

13 September 2017

This is a great resource to equip new mentors and a great way for those that have been in the role a while to become reinspired in the mission of MOPS. It’s full of awesome stories to encourage you, fantastic journaling pages to teach you and get you thinking, and lots of tips on becoming a Dynamic Mentor.


The book is in three sections, addressing the theme, your own personal style, and connecting with the mums in your group.

‘We all have to choose between captivity and freedom. As mentors, we will encourage others to unfold their wings and choose freedom.’
Encouraging Freedom walks you through the 3 parts to next year’s theme from a Mentor’s view, bringing more of God’s truth to each component. It will give you a new perspective on sharing Jesus with the mums in your group.

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken – Oscar Wilde
Lots pages in this section will help you to find YOUR voice and style in mentoring mums in your group. It has little activities for you to complete to get you thinking and growing in your mentor role.

‘Invest in your mothers, not because you have all the answers, but because you know that’s what Jesus would be doing.’
In this part of Encouraging Freedom you will learn ways to connect and mentor your leadership team and the mums in your group, through the stories and activities.

As a Coordinator I will be encouraging the Mentors in our group to read and work through the book. Being someone who is hoping to transition to Mentor one day, I found this book to be full of insight on how I can find my place in this role.

‘Embrace the influence you have in the lives of others. Remember that when we share our story, we introduce Jesus onto the life of a woman, giving her the chance to come alive.’

Mandy Selke




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