All The Things – A Mum’s Workbook

06 September 2017

This beautiful little book is full of wonderful things. It will make a great gift at the start of the year for all your mums. You will find each page teams up with one of the talks on the DVD and either has an activity for the mums to do or some extra word of encouragement. Many of the activities correspond with the suggestion topics in the Theme Ideas Book.

It’s a great resource for the mums even if you don’t talk about each topic that’s in the book, it’s something that the mums will have on hand to read at their leisure. This is a book for all mums, although there is some content that may feel more familiar to your Christian mums. Activities are optional and mums can choose what suits them. Some are designed to gently help your mums move along in their journey.

The book is broken up in to 3 sections:


Goal Setting – What would make this year breath-taking? Activities to help work through your dream year, start your bucket list, set a family mission statement or get free from debt.

Soul Care – 12 thoughts on living Free Indeed. Find the freedom to make change, freedom to forgive yourself, to become still or find freedom from fear.

Self Care – Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Become free from clutter, start making heathy habits, find out what recharges you and what you need to quit doing to really be Free Indeed.

Take the journey with your mums throughout the year and watch what happens.


Mandy Selke

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