WA Conference – renewing our passion

04 September 2017

This is my first year back with MOPS after a six-year break, so it’s been a while since my last leader’s conference. But I knew it would be special, as I have yet to attend a MOPS event that doesn’t exceed my expectations and leave me feeling both inspired and humbled. And this year’s WA State Conference was no exception.

Friday night’s masquerade themed dinner was a welcome time of sophistication and fun, as old friends were reunited and new friends were made. We unmasked at our tables as we declared biblical truths over our lives, embracing truth and freedom.

As our leaders spoke and introduced next year’s theme, we were challenged to let love be the loudest voice, to be gutsy, and to take the first step. And with such amazing leaders going before us, I don’t see this being difficult to do.

Saturday was an amazing day. The sharing, not only of ideas but also stories of group successes, milestones and salvations, left us feeling inspired and renewed in our passion.

For me conference is always a time in which I’m reminded that we are not alone, we are part of something bigger than ourselves. To know that there are other groups that go through the same challenges and joys each week that we do.

Tears flowed as we read tributes to our MOPPETS carers, a wonderful reminder that it’s not only our mums who are blessed by MOPS, but also our children, and that MOPPETS can have far reaching impact.

During the morning we heard first from Miranda Miller, who presented us with the new MOPS Australia logo. Cherie Macchiusi delivered the keynote address and spoke biblical truths of freedom over our lives.

Lisa Groetzinger showed us, in a practical way, how to keep our family thriving while pursuing our calling, and we had our questions answered by a wise and experienced panel of women who have gone before us.

My team and I came away from conference with a long list of ideas for things we get to do, not that we have to do.

As we look forward to the year ahead, I am challenged that this time next year we will have even more stories of breakthrough and change, both in our own lives and in the lives of the women we encounter in our MOPS groups and communities. We will take with us into 2018 the words from The Charge, beautifully presented for us to take home from conference:

Jesus is the Messiah who brings freedom and restoration. We follow Jesus. Jesus tells us that we will do the same things he has done, including greater things. Perhaps now is our time to take this seriously. To let love be the loudest voice. To be gutsy. And to take the first step. The world will know whose we are by the way we walk in freedom and courage. This year, may we experience a new understanding of what it means to live FREE INDEED.

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