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30 August 2017

I think we all loved the Fun, Think, Talk, Do cards! They have helped us plan our meetings over the last few years. Well with this coming year’s theme they have added a few extra things to make meeting planning even easier – and it’s all in one book.

As always there are the Fun, Think, Talk and Do sections for each topic and now there is the added bonus of MOPS Kids, Connect and Go Deeper.

Each of the meeting plans are broken down in to 3 elements:

The Welcome – Helps every woman who steps through the doors at MOPS feel at home.

The Meeting – Jump in and work through all of the new experiences a mum encounters on her journey.

The Connection – Create space and a place for every heart to belong.

New elements this year:

This section has a great mix of things for the mums to do with the kids at home and things for the kids to do at MOPS that will link in to the talks the mums are receiving.

Getting the mums to connect with each other can be tough. In this part of the book we have some awesome ideas to help with that. Also find ideas for Facebook posts to get your mums talking in between meetings.

These Go Deeper questions are not always a ‘Christian’ question but most can provide an opening for deeper discussion at the table and opportunity for Christian mums to share their personal experiences. Once you’ve looked at the basic the questions, think about adding a Go Deeper question in to your table discussion. It could also be one for your newsletter or a social media post.


At the end of each topic there is room for you to make planning notes about how you are going to run the mornings meeting. Take advantage of keeping everything in one place.

Whether you are using the DVDs or not, these meeting plans are great to look at, get ideas from and use what will work for your group.

You might want one plan book for the group – or each member of your team might like to have their own book in which to make notes.

Mandy Selke

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