Embracing Freedom – a special gift for Coordinators!

23 August 2017

The Free Indeed GEK has an amazing new book that will be very well used all year round. It’s called Embracing Freedom: A Planning Workbook for Leaders. Whether you are new to coordinating or have been around a while you will want to sit down with a hot drink, a highlighter and get into this book!
As a coordinator of 6 years myself, I loved this book. It gave me fresh eyes to see MOPS and renewed my passion.

3 ways this book will help you:

1.  Starting the New Year strong

  • After conference is a great time to start brainstorming your ideas when they are all fresh. There is a whole page of tips to help you get started (pp 53-54). Think about having a dinner and ideas night as a team. All ideas are welcome and every leader is encouraged to contribute, and remember there are no bad ideas.
  • “God-given vision is contagious – you can catch it and you can spread it.” (Jodi Detrick) Having your team on the same path at the beginning of the year is a great place to start. In this book there’s an activity to help your team create its vision for your group (pp 40-42).

2. Encouraging you as a leader

  • Knowing who we are in Christ help us to focus on why we do what we do. We are Jesus Followers, Sisterhood Cultivators and so much more (p 24).
  • We all wonder sometimes if what we do at MOPS really matters. Read the Mum–Leader Experience (pp 27-29) and be encouraged that what you do each morning is making a difference.

3.  Equipping your team

  • “Never underestimate the power of a good story – the power of your story”. We all have stories to share about our funny kids, a smart husbands, the old dog…  Help your team prepare their Jesus stories to share (pp 43-45).
  • Planning great team meetings can be daunting but this book has it all to help you. Devotions (pp 36), tips on preparing your meetings (pp 39, 55-57) and all the notes you need for the leader training segments on your DVDs (pp 46-50).

There is so much in this new book for you to use as a team. I pray you find it as helpful and inspiring as I did.

Mandy Selke

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