Queensland 2017 MOPS Conference – Reflections

22 August 2017

This year’s Queensland MOPS conference was filled with amazing moments.

Held at the Frederick Marsden Youth centre in Brisbane, the location and decoration of the centre screamed the theme: Free Indeed. Most of us had the feeling of freedom from the time we left our families but the Gala Dinner really allowed us to enjoy that freedom. Leaders dressed up in clothes that we very rarely get to wear, with some going the extra mile to coordinate with the theme.

The truth will set you free (John 8:32), this year’s verse, lets the theme Free Indeed shine as a light. The truth of God’s love gives us freedom. The truth allows us to be gutsy in our faith and the truth gives us strength to take the first steps to share the keys to freedom. The conference was packed full of energy which freedom brings, with worship, prayer and testimony taking pride of place and allowing all to embrace the fact that we make a difference in the world.

Lexia Smallwood in her address highlighted our need to share our freedom. Freedom means a life without constraint and indeed emphasises that truth. As Christians we are not just free – we are free indeed. We have a responsibility with the freedom that Jesus brings as it is so much more than any other freedom. Other freedoms are temporary but freedom through Christ is eternal.

This year’s conference and theme inspires us to hold onto the truth, live in faith in Christ, serve and be served, and be true to the talents we have been given. For all MOPS leaders I say embrace the opportunities given to you. God’s Freedom releases us to let love be the loudest voice in our life, to be gutsy and take the first step. Invite first. Befriend first. Love first. Freely we have received; freely we should give.

Frances Maltby, Townsville MOPS



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