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25 April 2011

Hope is the daily strength of the Christian and faith is the only way to attain it. Easter Sunday is what our faith is based on, for without the resurrection there is no eternal life and without eternal life there is no hope for the future. My prayer is that each of you will have found this Easter a time of spiritual and physical refreshing, ready to face the term ahead with all its joys and challenges.

Leadership is not an easy job and some of us are better equipped with the time and training to cope with demands and difficulties we never dreamed we would have to face. But I encourage you all to take the time to pray. Our relationship with God is our source of strength and yet in the busyness of life it is so often the first thing we neglect.

New Groups:

I would like to welcome Merredin, Western Australia.  They are about to commence shortly with a full team and a community that are supportive and encouraging.  We currently have 102 groups throughout Australia.

Participation Fee:

Thanks for those who have sent their Participation Fee and reports in. The information is helpful for me to know what is happening in your groups.  Please also send in your network lists.


Conferences are designed to develop and encourage MOPS Leaders.  This is done in many ways: just being together, sharing ideas, workshops, listening to the ways others handle situations and realising that you are not alone in your role.

I am hoping we will have record attendances this year. Start making plans to be there. Fundraise to subsidise costs where necessary.  I encourage you if you are asked to be an Elective Speaker that you consider, pray and allow yourself to be stretched.  “Doing” is the greatest teacher and developer of skill that I know and you will come away blessed and encouraged, and so will those who have had the privilege of workshopping with you.


State Date Venue
Qld 12-14 August Alexander Park
Tas 26 -27 August Camp Clayton
Vic 2-3 September Lake Dewar YMCA Camp Site
NSW 9-10 September Banksia – The Tops Conference Centre
SA 16-17 September Seaton CRC
WA 23 -24 September Riverton Baptist Church

New Handbooks

The 2011 edition of the Handbooks are now complete and available through the MOPShop for $1.00 per book plus postage.  There are 10 books in the set with Postage $16.95.  Of course if your group participates in the Walkathon these will be available to you free.

Outdoor Banners

Again these will be available to groups participating in the Walkathon free of charge, but these may also be ordered and paid for by all other groups.

Banners will include the MOPS Logo and your meeting times on a long life outdoor vinyl (canvas look material) with eyelets and ropes.

The more we order the cheaper they are, so I will be doing them as a one off order.  I will email out an order form shortly after the Walkathon. I anticipate the Banners plus postage will be under $100.00.

For all the groups that are participating in the Walkathon, I thank you sincerely, and I hope you have a great day.  I will be thinking of you as I walk the six kilometres around the lovely, now full, Lake Wendouree with approximately 100 others. We will enjoy a MOPS family sausage sizzle prepared by the husbands while the children are amused on the adventure playground.

We are praying the weather will be nice so we will be able to share MOPS with many other families and visitors who gather there on Saturday morning for the Farmers Market and others facilities the lake precinct has to offer.  No doubt we will have plenty of photos and stories to offer you in the coming weeks.  Can I still encourage you to get involved? I can have the T-shirt transfers to you in a few days.  This a great opportunity for MOPS exposure.

Margaret Sanders, National Director

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