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14 November 2016

From Kylie Walls_BannerOn any given fortnight, almost 3000 mums around the country are supported, encouraged and inspired by a MOPS group. At MOPS those mums can be honest with one another about the hard week they’re having, complete something as simple as a conversation without being interrupted, and learn something about themselves, their partner and their kids.Qld conf scaled

The ladies who run those groups (there are about 100 groups across Australia) are “MOPS” too – they have kids under 6 themselves, and know what it’s like to try and find joy in the chaos or find something to talk about other than sleep! But every week (yes, MOPS is fortnightly, but the leaders meet in between to plan) these mum-leaders put aside some time and headspace to love and bless the mums in their group. And they do it gladly!

positional-electiveBut these women are not always ‘natural-born leaders’, as some of you might think. Many of them simply saw a need in their community and decided to do something about it. They saw an opportunity to love and to serve and give something back. The good news is, MOPS Australia is there to support and encourage these mum-leaders – whether they see themselves as leaders or not. MOPS knows that what these leaders do, and how they do it, is really important to the way the mums in their community feel loved, encouraged and supported. That’s why every year MOPS Australia holds training and development events for our group leaders in their State.

table-numberThis year, over 400 MOPS leaders gathered in their respective States to be equipped to better serve the mums in their community. There were MOPS Coordinators, Discussion Group Leaders, Hospitality, Publicity, Creative, and Finance Leaders. There were also Mentors, MOPPETS (our kids’ program) Leaders and MOPPETS Carers. All there to learn how to serve, love and care for mums more effectively, and learn strategies for leading their group and encourage others to lead, too.

The leaders also look forward each year to learn dsc_0901about the new MOPS Theme – and the theme for 2017 is all about Wonder, Hope and Kindness. Under the banner “We Are the Starry Eyed”, the theme next year is helping mums to look up out of the drudgery of the everyday to focus on the wonderful moments, find hope for the future on those days when all seems lost, and share a drop of kindness that spreads out like a ripple across their community.

cockburnHaving attended our MOPS State Conferences, our group leaders are now ready to share their Wonder, Hope and Kindness with the mums in their circle of influence, helping strengthen mums of little ones for the challenges that face them in their every day. And the mums can rest assured that the leaders in their group have been equipped to help them find the joy in their every day, too.

Miranda Miller 3Miranda Miller
Conference Manager

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