Thank you, MOPS leaders

31 October 2016

MOPS in Australia has some seriously fabulous leaders in its ranks. MOPS groups thrive and women have their socks blessed right off because dedicated MOPS leaders do what they do with excellence, passion and commitment.

Each year the Board of MOPS Australia considers it a real privilege to seek out leaders who have undertaken their various MOPS roles in an outstanding way.  We take the opportunity to recognise and honour these humble and hard working leaders with a special award. It’s not payment for their work, but gratitude and recognition for their servant attitude, their perseverance over time and their leadership excellence within MOPS.

This year 3 types of Awards were presented.

andrew-corbett-croppedLegana Christian Church in TAS received the Spirit of MOPS Award for support, promotion and commitment to MOPS locally, statewide and nationally for over 16years. Legana has run a model MOPS group for 16 years, has released 4 leaders into state/national leadership in MOPS, and continues to produce high quality MOPS promotional and media material. (Pictured: Pastor Andrew Corbett, Legana Christian Church, receiving the Spirit of MOPS from MOPS Australia  Deputy Chair Clinton Wardle.)

The Heart of MOPS Award, recognising MOPS leaders at a national level, was presented to Clinton Wardle. Yes he’s a bloke! Clinton has been involved in MOPS for 13 years. He starts a MOPS group in each church he pastors, encourages the leaders, attends state/national conferences and assists wherever he is required. He has servedheart-of-mops-clinton-wardle_sml on the Board for 6 years, is Deputy Chair and is on the finance subcommittee. He gains little from MOPS personally but continues to give much. (Pictured: Heart of MOPS Award is presented to Clinton Wardle by Managing Director Lexia Smallwood. Clinton’s wife Trish receives a thank you letter for her support of MOPS and Clinton’s MOPS leadership.)

The Hands of MOPS Award, recognising MOPS leaders at a local/regional level, was awarded to six leaders across five states:
Andrea Bond (NSW) – loves MOPS and its women with a passion. Established her group and has been its leader for 12 years, growing her team along the way. Despite health issues continued to lead, care for and inspire her MOPS mums and leaders. Andrea has just recently stepped down from MOPS due to serious ill health.

Lynne Prideaux (Qld) – involved in MOPS for 10 years. As a Mentor she supports mums in and out of MOPS mornings with encouragements, visits, meals etc. Lynne is a warrior for her MOPS group’s leaders and the women in her group.

lynne-prideaux-receives-hands-of-mops-award-smlNaomi Mathiesen (SA) – gripped MOPS leadership with both hands being group Coordinator, then Regional Coordinator, organised training events, involved in conference planning and field staff training. Naomi gives MOPS her best – is organised and professional in each role she takes on.

naomis-awardRose Wilson (TAS) –  is the MOPS ‘go to gal’ for NW Tas. Involved for 13 years, Rose was in MOPS leadership before birthing a second group and raising another team. She has since been MOPPETS Carer and now Mentor. She speaks at regional events and has been involved at state and national conference.

hands-of-mops-award_rose-wilsonKatie Mackenzie (TAS) – a relative newcomer to MOPS, Katie has had a number of leadership roles, currently MOPPETS Coordinator and Regional Coordinator, actively supporting MOPS leaders and groups, and promoting MOPS.

hands-of-mops-award_katie-mackenzieMiranda Miller (WA) – founded and coordinated a MOPS group, became State Conference Convenor, Better Mums Conference Convener and is now National Conference Manager. Miranda actively promotes MOPS in the business and parenting communities with publications and as part of the WA Better Mum Conference. She does everything with excellence!

miranda-with-family-croppedMOPS Australia congratulates each of you ladies! The women in your care and influence are grateful beyond measure for not just what you do, but who you are!!

Congratulations again and thank you.

Karen Dickson
Board Chair


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