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10 April 2011

Welcome to the very first Group Spotlight on the MOPS blog!

This will be a regular feature on the blog… another  way to learn about other MOPS groups from the comfort of your own home.

Miranda Miller (wearing orange in this photo) is the coordinator of a new group in Perth that is run by Carey Community Baptist Church. She is married to Jeff, and is the mother of two beautiful munchkins aged 5 and 2. In life before MOPS Miranda was a journalist with Channel 7, and her voice can still be heard around Perth.

Can you please tell us a bit about your group?

We started in fourth term of last year with about 12 mums from our church and their friends. Now we regularly have about 20 mums! Many of the mums in our area are new to WA, and some have husbands with ‘fly-in, fly-out’ jobs, so they really have no family and friends around for support. Our church meets at Carey Baptist College, but all the facilities are being used during the week (by the school), so we meet for MOPS at the local Seventh-Day Adventist Church about 5 minutes drive away.

What do you like to do for mums who come to your group for the first time?

We have gorgeous “Welcome Packs” (the bags are black re-usable shopping bags donated by a church member) in which we put a herbal teabag, a mini Time Out bar, a hair- or skin-care sample, a MOPS pen, a fridge magnet with our dates for the term, brochures from our church detailing the different ministries, plus all the MOPS registration forms, Carey MOPS guidelines etc. We also approached the local Christian bookstore and got discount vouchers for the mums which include a free coffee. Oh, and we welcome them with our lovely smiles, of course!

What craft activity has your group really enjoyed doing?

The ladies loved making Decorative Votive Candles – covering clear glass votives with coloured/textured/patterned tissue paper, adding a few diamantes/pearls etc, and sticking a tea light inside (thanks to Mt Pleasant MOPS for the idea).

Do your MOPS mamas like get together aside from the regular MOPS meetings? If so, what do you like to do together?

So far we have just had a picnic during the holidays, which we will continue to do. Many of the mums aren’t at the stage where the school holidays are really any different to the rest of the term, so it’s good to keep the momentum.

If finances weren’t an issue where would you hold a conference or a retreat?

If it had to be in WA, I’d probably say Cable Beach Club in Broome, which I’ve heard good reports about! But if it was anywhere in the world, definitely The Maldives! We’d have an island all to ourselves, and massages every morning and every evening. (No guessing what my love language is!!) There’d be lots of prayer, but definitely NO fasting!

Please let us know how MOPS mamas around Australia can pray for you as a leader.

That I would handle any problems that come along effectively and lovingly. That I don’t let my MOPS commitments take me away from my number 1 role – that of wife and mother. And that my faith in and reliance on God will grow.

Thanks for agreeing to be on the other side of the questions this time Miranda!

So, which group will have the spotlight on them next time?  Please email if you’d like it to shine in your direction.

Alice Kan (Blog Content Manager)

2 Responses to “Carey MOPS”

  1. Joan Gordon says:

    Great to seen Carey up and running. How wonderful for ‘fly in -fly out’ families to have a welcoming communnity.

  2. cath says:

    It was great to meet you at National Conference Miranda. Lovely reading all about your group here on the blog.

    Oh, and that conf in the Maldives…?? I’m SO there!!!

    Cath. xx

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