MOMcon – 2017

12 April 2016

MI banner 2015Is MOMcon on your bucket list? Would you like to be part of a group that is attending MOMcon in 2017?  Some Australian MOPS leaders are planning to attend MOMcon in 2017 and would welcome other interested MOPS women to share the experience with them!

This MOMcon visit is not sponsored by MOPS Australia and will be entirely paid for and arranged by the individuals attending. However it will be great to travel together and share the MOMcon experience. Plus – bonus! – MOPS International will welcome our attendance at Global Leaders Training that is held during the two days prior to MOMcon.

The anticipated dates are 16 September – 25 September 2017.
UPDATED: MOMcon 2017 will be in Kansas City, Missouri. The full details of MOMcon 2017 are now available.

The approximate cost to travel from Australia will be $4,000 – to cover flights, accommodation, meals and registration(s).

This early notice is given so that you can start saving!

Read Margaret Feinberg’s Top 7 Reasons to Love MOMcon if you want some more info about MOMcon.

And watch this video for a little taste of Global Leaders’ Training.


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