MOPS group photo for 2017 Calendar

08 April 2016

Would your MOPS group like to feature in next year’s MOPS calendar?

Is there a mum in your group who takes beautiful photos?

MOPS Morning 1_smlLast year our calendar featured the Mount Pleasant MOPS group in WA for the month of February. This year we are inviting interested groups to submit a photo of their MOPS morning.

These are the guidelines:

  • the theme of the photo is to be kindness – in the context of a MOPS morning (this is open to your interpretation but some examples might include: a mentor taking a crying bub, one mum handing a cup of coffee to another mum, assistance with a smile, a comforting touch etc);
  • the photo should convey what a typical MOPS morning looks and feels like;
    photos can be in  landscape or portrait;
  • photos should be good quality, well composed and  submitted in high resolution;
  • the photo can be ‘set up’ to a certain extent, but should look candid and natural;
  • it can be helpful to choose a location that gets plenty of light and have the subjects facing the light source as much as possible;
  • avoid clutter in the background, foreground, and on tables – this is a major spoiler of ‘MOPS morning’ photos;
  • email your photo to  Your photo should be received by 26 April 2016.

IMG_3213_MOPS morning_smlPhotographers and participants will be asked to provide written permission for the photo to be published and acknowledgement that photos may be used by MOPS Australia in the calendar, on the MOPS website, FB page, in other publications or in other MOPS publicity.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos.

Lexia_headshot_white_Kylie 2015 scaledLexia

Managing Director

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