28 March 2016

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow.” Orison Marden

easterWhat is it about Easter for you?

Part of it for me is avoiding the chocolate eggs and cute, fluffy bunnies as I do the grocery shopping. Let’s face it, all that chocolate is not going to benefit me in the long run. We’ve also recently done a clear out of many fluffy toys in our household, so we really don’t need any to replace the ones we’ve parted ways with, right?

When my sister and I were children an egg hunt was always part of our Easter weekend, and I can remember thinking “how did those chocolate eggs end up around the backyard like that?” My parents have always been early-risers (something I didn’t inherit!) so it was later, later than I’d care to admit, when the lightbulb moment occurred. I guess that Easter for me over the years has equated to fun and relaxing times together as family.

golgotha hillThis is in stark contrast to what we remember at Easter. Easter prompts us to remember the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus experienced darkness and doubt far beyond what I have ever experienced, and it can be easy to dwell on this part of the story. The thing is, while Good Friday is the remembrance of a time of darkness and doubt, a significant story of hope unfolds because Easter Sunday is on its way! Early on that first Easter Sunday Jesus triumphed over death and came back to life. Jesus, the Son of God, gave his life to bring forgiveness to the guilty. His resurrection brings confidence that death is not the end and the hope of a better tomorrow.

Through my relationship with this Jesus I have experienced hope in countless situations….as a university student, as a young married woman, as a soon-to-be mama, a mama of young children, and in various parts of the world where I have lived. Knowing Jesus also gives me a new, worldwide family. Jesus unites me with many people beyond my very own blood relatives who love me and encourage me like their own sister or daughter.

hopeThis Jesus, who endured so much pain for humanity, has been the source of much joy and hope for me. Thankfully He meets me where I am when I experience darkness and doubt and, through relationships and events, leads me on my journey towards hope.

Precious one, whatever circumstances you are going through, my hope is that you experience the joy and the hope that unfolds in the Easter story!

Enjoy this telling of the Easter story from young Hannah…

Alice Kan

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