Ways to Flourish

14 February 2016

As a mum of young children, words like ‘exhausted, busy, and harassed’ become the norm in our daily thinking and the description of our lives. ‘Surviving one day at a time’ is our mantra, while, in the worst of times, this changes to ‘surviving one minute at a time’!  But what would it look like if we chose to refocus the lens through which we view our world and instead of simply ‘surviving’ motherhood, we decide to intentionally ‘flourish’?

Consider this…. you may be on this journey of parenting for 20 or 30 years! That is a whole lot of years to waste if you are waiting for that elusive better day. I could have missed many small and bigger moments of joy if I had not woken up to the insidious direction of my thinking. One day I realised that I was indeed wishing my life away. I was not truly living and I was definitely not flourishing in this early season of mothering.DSC_0098 toys on floor_T Beard smaller

And so I intentionally began to Notice Goodness. Rather than being stressed about the unfolded washing, unmade beds and unwashed dishes when my baby or two year old needed cuddles, I made an intentional decision to ignore all of them (not easy for a neat freak!) and instead relish the cuddles of these precious little ones. I also took hold of those inactive moments to silently pray for my beautiful family.

When my children were a little older, I intentionally began to Celebrate Lavishly the ‘non-event’ occasions in our lives. For example, Saturday night in our home became ‘Restaurant Night’. I always cooked an extra special meal and served it on the good dishes including the crystal wine glasses (even for the kids!). We always finished this meal with a yummy dessert and then chocolate. In later years my son, the youngest, decided to change the name to ‘Chocolate night’!

This year’s MOPS theme is called, ‘A Fierce Flourishing’. I love that word ‘fierce’ in the title because flourishing isn’t always easy. It may mean a fight, a fight against your normal tendencies of over-work or over-worry. But despite the possible push against your natural norms, FLOURISHING is totally worth it.
What would it look like if you took one year choosing to flourish?

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Erma Mayes
MOPS Field Staff Manager

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