Benefits of Brave Mothering

28 September 2015

I think one of the areas of parenting that many mothers find difficult is teaching their children boundaries. This reluctance may arise due to a variety of reasons…

  • They think their children are too young to discipline just yet
  • They feel guilty because their child has been in childcare so when they are home they don’t want to seem mean
  • They are too tired to follow through
  • They don’t know the best approach to take

kidsWhat do many mums do instead of taking the reins in their own household?

Give Up

They simply don’t act when it comes to their responsibilities of establishing rules, boundaries, expectations and then following through. If we choose to give up it will come at a cost to ourselves, our marriage, and ultimately our children.

Hand It Over

They hope that the Sunday school teachers, childcare workers, Grandma or teachers at school will get them ‘in line’.

Put It Off

Some parents feel they are too busy right now. The truth is that this role cannot be put off until that ever-elusive ‘better’ day. Your child needs it now.

Benefits of saying “NO”

  1. Protects our children from life-threatening or character crushing choices
  2. Learning that another person’s needs may sometimes come before his or her own eg. The baby is asleep so you cannot play with your toy drum kit right now
  3. Teaches our children that the world does not revolve around them. Thus slowly but surely they will develop a more generous and giving character.
  4. Allows our children the opportunity to experience frustration, anger, disappointment, and sadness. This is GOOD! If a child never experiences these in the small things when they are young, how are they going to handle the bigger stuff when they go to school and beyond? It is easier to teach a toddler that they cannot throw their toys when they are angry, than it is to get a teenager off drugs.
  1. Finally, they begin to be prepared for the real world which is made up of many rules which tell us ‘No’ and very few of these will be rules they have ever had a say in creating.

Why don’t you decide to step out and become one BRAVE mum today!


Erma Mayes

MOPS State Coordinator

SA Tas Vic

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