QLD Conference Wrap-Up

24 August 2015

A room full of inspiring women with amazing stories to tell and advice to share.  Excellent speakers with challenging and encouraging messages.  More sweets at the lolly buffet than we would dream of letting our children consume.  Lots of hilarity and crazy moments that prove that you definitely don’t stop having fun when you have children.  It all adds up to the 2015 Queensland and Northern Territory MOPS Conference at Alexandra Headlands on the Sunshine Coast with 46 mothers of pre-schoolers.

20Entering the conference we were blown away by the beautiful decorations.  This highlighted ‘A Fierce Flourishing’, our theme for MOPS in 2016.

21With our M.C. Rachael Carter steering the conference, we were very privileged to have Donna Hill & Lexia Smallwood join us and share key-note speeches.  Their love of God and dedication to MOPS was so evident in their talks and we were encouraged to celebrate lavishly, embrace rest and notice goodness so that we can truly “flourish” throughout our lives.    There were some great training sessions, several testimonies and wonderful worship, giving us plenty of fresh ideas and inspiration to take back to our own MOPS groups.

22The Qld/NT conference is known for it’s amazing Saturday night events and this year was no exception.  Our evening theme was ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and rumble we did!  The room was filled with an array of Flamingos, Baboons, Peacocks, Rangers, Tigers, Bears and other unidentifiable jungle beings!  The ‘Townsville Baboons’ stole the show, but in the end the impressive ‘Sabine Forest’ won the show!  The Jungle Parade was followed up by a fun game of ‘Bunco’.

23One of the greatest aspects of conference is providing a platform for group leaders to meet, and benefit by learning from each other.  At any given time and into the early hours of the morning leaders would gather in groups and exchange stories and ideas making the most of their networking opportunities.  Another aspect of note is friendships made – conference time solidifies the ‘sisterhood’ we have with other likeminded mums.  It is so wonderful to be able to be together with our MOPS leaders who have common goals – to see their MOPS group grow and flourish into 2016.


Kylie Walls & Jillian Hishon

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  1. Thanks Kylie and Jillian. That was an excellent summary of Conference. I was so privileged to be part of it!

  2. Anneke says:

    Hi Ladies

    Do we have a confirmed date for the Qld conference for 2016 yet?


  3. lexia says:

    The Queensland Conference will be 12 and 13 August.

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