True Brave

27 July 2015

10So I’ve been asked to write this blog post by a friend who clearly thinks I’m braver than I feel. Brave is probably not the true reason why I study, work and raise 3 young children while my husband works in another town. I’m sure many of you have similar situations where you feel stretched to the limits while raising your own little cherubs. The truth is I’m often afraid; afraid my kids will resent me if I send them to day care, afraid my husband won’t make it home one day and afraid that my friends will think I don’t invest or care enough. These fears too often have motivated me to be stretched far too thin.

So I got brave. I learnt how to say things like “I can’t join that group”, “I need a term off study”, “I’m going to get an early night”, “Can you help me”. Wow! What a powerful turning point it’s been to put my needs on the radar! Dear mummies out there – remember to care for yourself, and I don’t ‘just’ mean do your nails sometimes, get your hair cut when you can, but I mean know your limits and be brave enough to ask for help.

Danny Silk has an excellent book out called ‘Keep your love on’. I highly recommend it.

Tanya Little13

Toowoomba, QLD

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