06 July 2015

Learning. Growing. Encouraging. Resting. Nurturing. Connecting. Inspiring. These are words that describe what happens at every MOPS group morning around the country.

They are also things that happen at every MOPS Leaders’ Conference around the country! So it’s time to gather your MOPS team together, and be blessed in return for all the hard work you’ve put in. Get ready to learn, grow, be encouraged, rest, be nurtured, connect with one another, and be inspired to be the best leader you can be!

AFF logoAt Conference you will get to see that MOPS is bigger than just your own local group. You’ll meet and mix with leaders from all over your State who are running MOPS in their local church. We eat together (and finish it while it’s still hot), worship together (without a child tugging at your leg), and learn together (with talks on leadership, a keynote address, and breakout sessions for your leadership area). We’ll introduce the theme for 2016 – A Fierce Flourishing – and show you how to help your group and your mums take their brave selves from this year, and flourish in the next (and beyond)!


Queensland is kicking off this year’s conference season, with a weekend getaway at Alexandra Park Conference Centre on the Sunshine Coast from August 14 -16. MOPS leaders from the Northern Territory and New Zealand are also encouraged to attend. Saturday night will be a ‘fierce’ one with a jungle-inspired theme! Registrations are now open, and will close on August 1st.

Tasmania is up next, with their overnight conference at Camp Clayton in Ulverstone on August 28 & 29. Our outgoing national Field Staff Manager, Donna Hill, will be farewelled at this conference – with the national Management Team and Board in attendance – so it will be a privilege for any Tassie MOPS leader to be at this special event! Registrations are already open, and will close on August 13th.

NSW/ACT will follow with a one-day conference at Camden Baptist Church on Saturday 12th September. Speaker Chivana Thomas will inspire and encourage with her workshop on Flourishing Leaders. Registrations open soon, and will close on August 29th.

dinnerVictoria is holding its conference at Crossway Baptist Church in Burwood East on Friday night October 9 & all day Saturday October 10. Keep your eye on your email and Facebook Leaders’ page for more info. Registrations close October 2nd.

The WA and SA conferences are happening on the same weekend – more than two and a half thousand kilometres apart – on October 23 & 24. SA is holding its conference at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Gawler, while WA’s conference is at Mt Pleasant Baptist Church in Booragoon. Both with registrations closing on October 16.

If you’ve been to conference in the past, you know what an uplifting and energising time it is for your whole team – Mentors, table leaders and MOPPETS carers included. If you’ve never been to conference before, get your whole team together – start fundraising now to get there – and come along to enjoy an opportunity to really bond as a team! If you’re even just considering becoming involved on a MOPS team – this conference is for you!

As an organisation, I think there are a lot of things MOPS does well: caring for mums who need a break from their kids, giving women the opportunity to make new friends in what can be an isolating time in their lives, and teaching mums something new about themselves, their kids or the world – to name just a few.

But there’s one thing MOPS does better than any other mums group or women’s ministry in my opinion, and that is training women to become leaders, at a time in their lives when they may feel they don’t have a lot to offer the world.

Your State Conference is just one way MOPS helps you to be the best leader you can be, to then reach out to your local mums and help them be the best mums they can be. Take advantage of it. You will be so glad you came.


Miranda Miller 3Miranda Miller

Conference Manager

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