To Infinity and Beyond!!

15 June 2015

‘Strategic planning’ is a phrase that means precious little if you don’t move in governance or corporate circles, and truth be told it makes me quite nervous.

Nervousness aside it was the Board’s task at our recent Board meeting and Strategic planning weekend. Just like Buzz Lightyear with boldness and determination, we set our sights on what MOPS in Australia needs to look like into the future, and what we need to do in the short term to see that happen.

What would we like to see as we look to ‘Infinity and Beyond’?!

* We want MOPS to be a household name, the ‘go to’ ministry choice for churches wanting to provide for the needs of mothers and hence families in their community. We would like to see MOPS known amongst churches, communities and child health circles.

* We’d like to see increased links between MOPS groups and volunteer organisations to support what happens on an ordinary MOPS morning in terms of MOPPETS carers, MOPS guest speakers and the like.

* We’d like a clear message to reach churches so they know the extraordinary blessing that a MOPS group is.

* We’d like to invest energy and resources into establishing as well as retaining groups, especially when the challenges of leadership change etc threatens their health.

* We’d like to develop our leaders through the MOPS career path.

* We’d like to see MOPS Australia have a fixed head office with consistent staff base that is not moved every time we change Managing Directors.

It’s these goals that will influence our decision making over the next 2-3 years, as we seek to grow MOPS in Australia and develop its sustainability. At the end of the day, it’s about thriving MOPS groups on the ground so mums across the country can have the satisfaction and benefit of a MOPS experience. As a Board our job is to make sure that MOPS is solid, growing, sustainable and accessible for Australian mums….to Infinity and Beyond!!

Why MOPS?… Because we know that Better Mums make a Better World…

Karen DicksonKaren Dickson

MOPS Australia Chair




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  1. Joan Gordon says:

    Great Vision. May God bless your every step forward.

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