Why I Love Regional Training Days

21 February 2011

I LOVE chocolate. Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy – yum! Cadbury chocolate. Mmm mmm. Lindt Lindor balls. *Mouth watering* Belgian chocolate. Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate. In fact, I love almost any chocolate – even cooking chocolate when I’m desperate!

I love relaxing with a great book. I love walking along the river and watching the sun come up. I love my husband and my kids. I love bluesy-jazz music. I love earl grey tea. I love girls’-nights out.

Another thing I love is Regional Training Days – I have from the first one I attended as a MOPS Coordinator. They are one of the things I love most in our MOPS calendar year!! I’m passionate about their role in supporting you as a MOPS leader.

Let me share with you four reasons why you and your team don’t want to miss the RTD in your region.

  1. Training. You know when you put on an item of clothing that feels like it’s been custom made for you? You just want to sigh out loud? Well, that’s what the training at your RTD is like. It’s customised for YOU as a MOPS leader, serving in YOUR MOPS group in YOUR region. Training comes in different shapes and sizes: a DVD, or a forum, a session from your Regional Coordinator or perhaps a guest speaker. But it’s a perfect fit for you and the needs you face in this season of leadership. Attending training is part of your MOPS charter agreement.
  2. Networking. RTDs provide a great opportunity to meet other MOPS leaders in your region. These amazing women are doing what you are doing – they face the same joys, the same frustrations, the same needs. Sometimes networking happens in a structured way, sometimes it’s chatting over morning tea or lunch. Don’t miss out on the chance to take some notes and pinch ideas from others who might just have a wonderful idea for you and your group. At your RTD you will also be able to connect with your Regional Coordinator.
  3. Team Time. RTDs give you some quality team time – whether it’s chatting during the day, an allocated team discussion time or brainstorming in the car on the way home. MOPS mornings are busy, and team meetings are often filled with organising and administration. RTDs are a great chance to relax together whilst getting some great training. Why not take advantage of the child-free time (!!) and stop off for a coffee en route?
  4. Inspiration. RTDs will inspire you, reignite your passion, remind you of the vision, give you some great ideas and encourage you. Why would you miss an opportunity like that?

Don’t deprive the other leaders in your region of your presence, your gifts, your experience – you are precious and a blessing! I encourage you to mark the date of your local Regional Training Day in your diary, make sure your whole team knows, and plan to attend together. You won’t regret it!!

PS – I think I need to go and have a cup of earl grey tea and some chocolate.

Donna Hill


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