Intentional Evangelism at MOPS

13 April 2015

Mums desperately need time to hang out with other mums, to share and be encouraged. They also need to be given tools in order to become the best mums they can be.

If this was all we did at MOPS, we would be blessing many mums and consequently many families; we would indeed be changing lives.

But it’s not enough!

MOPS is a Kingdom focused ministry. If we are not intentionally thinking about how we are impacting our mums for Jesus in our MOPS program, we may as well become a community mums group.

What does evangelism look like at MOPS?

You should never underestimate the love of Jesus that we can express in so many ways to our MOPS mums. “Although you may not speak directly of Jesus in these activities, you are showing his love through your actions. This can be very powerful.

The care that you show will often earn you the right to speak to them about the things that are important to you. When you gain credibility and the trust of another, they are more likely to seriously consider what you have to say.” MOPS Lifestyle Evangelism Handbook, p. 6

The way the MOPS morning format is set up gives us many opportunities to demonstrate love in deed and in action, to build credibility and trust and to have intentional deeper conversations.

Below are some areas to consider.

How is your MOPS group going with these elements?

I pray God will give you wisdom and blessing as you touch your MOPS mums lives with Jesus.


MOPS Morning   How evangelism occurs in this element
9:30amMums arrive and settle children.
  • What mum is not going to notice and appreciate the love shown by a group of people who are willing to give up their time and energy to look after another person’s children?
  • For many children, MOPPETS may be the only time they ever hear about Jesus
9:30-9:45amMorning Tea
  • Beautiful décor and yummy morning tea, with good hot coffee, and everything organized before the mums arrive spells love
  • A welcoming smile and sincere warmth at the sign in desk helps a mum feel accepted, comfortable and relaxed.·     Make sure that no mum is left alone.
  • Have intentional conversations, go deeper
  • Welcome of new mums with a gift, birthday cards, etc all help build relationship and make women feel loved.
  • Keep the group informed of what is happening both in the Chartering Church and local community – builds community.
  • Run an uplifting and intentional icebreaker. Icebreakers can help women talk about things they may not have shared before.
10:00amTeaching time
  • Mentors build strong one-on-one relationships of trust that will, over time, allow them to ask the question, “Can I pray with you about that?” and also share the things of God.
  • Organize at least 2 Gospel presentation mornings per year.

Discussion time

  • Include at least one question that can easily and naturally lead to the Christian mums sharing a God perspective.
  • Connection with the mums in the discussion groups can be deeper because it is a more intimate group.

Creative time

  • This may be the one area that attracts a mum to a MOPS group and keeps them there. A well thought out craft shows the women they are valued and loved.
  • Great to hold Creative activity after your discussion groups. It allows mums to continue to discuss the topic of the morning in a casual manner after ‘formal’ discussion groups are finished, also allows discussion group leaders to have a deeper more personal quiet chat with mums who have a ‘sticky issue’ or possibly refer them to the Mentor.
  • Creative time also allows Mentors to circulate and build relationship often leading to important conversation

 Erma Mayes

State MOPS Coordinator SA, Tas, Vic




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