Better Mums Conference

16 March 2015

Professional development days and conferences are part and parcel of many a working woman’s life. But once you become a mum, those days of getting dressed in nice clothes (that aren’t covered in moist arrowroot biscuits), using your brain to mull over interesting new trends in your field, and eating a lunch that someone else has made, are a distant memory.

Well, not any more… Now MOPS is behind a conference for the women who have the hardest job in the world!


Ok, so we won’t mind so much if there IS arrowroot biscuit smudged onto your outfit – we understand the occupational hazards of the field – but we will definitely be giving you something to think about, and you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to food.BMC-87

MOPS’ Better Mums Conference is being held again this year in Perth on May 16. This one-day conference is designed to encourage, equip and develop mums to be the best mums they can be. Sound familiar? That’s because Better Mums Conference is just like a MOPS morning – only on steroids! A whole day of great talks by inspiring speakers, yummy food and (still) hot beverages, and lots of fun and laughs. And a pop-up market to boot – so you can shop without bored, cranky kids in tow!

BMC-111Talk topics range from Better Connection to Better Kids, Better Families and Better Memories. And a panel of experts will answer curly questions from mums – our most popular session last year.

The great thing about BMC is that mums don’t have to belong to a MOPS group to come. Better Mums is for any and every mum in the community – in fact, it’s a great introduction to what MOPS is all about.

You can register for BMC15 at, or follow us on Facebook at

And if you can’t be there, whether it’s because Perth is too much of a hike, or you’re simply busy that day, we’d really appreciate your prayers!DSC_6711

Miranda Miller


Better Mums Conference WA

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