Speed Friendship @ MOPS

09 March 2015

“MOPS morning” is a new blog category.  It is a chance for groups to share experiences and activities that have worked well in their groups.

Our first “MOPS morning” blog is from the Emerald MOPS group who began the year by speeding up the relationship building between the mums who came on their first day.


We recently did a fun activity at our MOPS meeting called Speed Friendship. It was a big success and the mums really enjoyed themselves. It created a great atmosphere and generated much discussion and interaction. Prior to the meeting we generated a list of 10 questions and printed them onto A4 paper. We set up rectangular tables in a row and had mums sit opposite each other down the length of the tables. You do need to have even numbers, so that’s where our mentors came in handy.

20141014_083643Everyone was given a copy of the questions and we set the timer to two minutes.

Go“- one mum would give her answers to the questions to the ‘friend’ she was sitting opposite and then they would swap and the other mum would do the same, all in the two minutes. Of course the thing that created the fun atmosphere was that we had each pair of mums talking at the same time!!

Time’s up” – the mums on one side of the table would each shuffle down one chair and the mum sitting on the last chair in the row would walk up to the other end of the table. (Another option would be to have everyone move so that both sides were rotating in opposite directions). The timer was then reset and the new set of ‘friends’ would go again exchanging answers to the same set of questions. This continued until the mums were back to the first friend they swapped answers with.

There were a few mums on the same side of the table who didn’t get to talk with each other, as well as a few mums who were called away to their children. So our mentors filled in a couple of times to keep things rolling. By this time there was much talking and laughter and we let it spill over into morning tea.  It was a good ‘get to know you’ activity that involved everyone at the same time.

Helen Harrold

MOPS Emerald, QLD





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  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    Thanks for that, Helena. It has always been a great success at our MOPS mornings 🙂

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