Beautiful Leaders are at the ‘Heart of MOPS’

03 November 2014

Each year the Board of MOPS  Aust has opportunity to recognise the outstanding contribution of leaders by conferring MOPS Australia Awards.

The ‘Hand of MOPS  Award’ is given to a leader who has contributed in an outstanding way at a local / regional level.

The ‘Spirit of MOPS  Award’ is given to an organisation that has supported or promoted MOPS.

The ‘Heart of MOPS Award’, is arguably the most prestigious, being awarded to MOPS leaders whose leadership and contribution has been exemplary at a national level.

This year at the MOPS Australasian Conference, it gave me enormous pleasure to recognise and then completely surprise two dedicated, passionate and God honouring women by presenting them each with ‘The Heart of MOPS Award’. They have been ‘can do’ women, shining lights for MOPS over a number of years and have committed their talent to serving MOPS in national leadership.

Jillian Ross, began her MOPS journey by starting a mops group in Qld. She co-ordinated her group, became Regional then Area co-ordinator in Qld, while simultaneously speaking at groups, conferences and training days. Jillian was in the top 3 fundraisers 2 years in a row for Mothers on the March, getting her whole team to conference, She took on the role of Qld conference convenor and ultimately National Conference Manager. Jillian has been an integral and invaluable member of the Management Team over the past few years.

Jillian has voluntarily given of herself with passion, authenticity, courage, and a servant heart.

For these and many other reasons, MOPS  was thrilled to honour Jillian’s leadership and contribution by awarding her the ‘Heart of MOPS  Award’ in 2014.

The second award recipient for 2014 was Catherine Oehlman.

Cath’s  MOPS  journey began in 2006 in Qld as a MOPS  mum. She rocketed through the ranks as it were taking on a number of leadership roles locally in publicity and as co-ordinator, regionally as a speaker at MOPS  groups and state conferences and more recently on the National Management Team with a greater focus on media and publications.

Cath has held many different roles, contributed in countless ways to MOPS mornings, state conferences, was worship co-ordinator at the 2010 National conference and worship leader for the 2014 Australasian conference. She and her husband set up the website. Cath has set up FB pages, written countless articles for mops publications and blogs. She was in the very thick of the production of the Better Mum magazine and the list goes on.

Congratulations goes to the 2014 Heart of MOPS Award recipients Jillian Ross and Catherine Oehlman. These two beautifully talented, generous and Godly women have blessed MOPS with their passion and dedication and servant hearts.

Karen Dickson

MOPS  Australia Chair






5 Responses to “Beautiful Leaders are at the ‘Heart of MOPS’”

  1. Erma Mayes says:

    Two awesome women of God! Congratulations Jillian and Cath, such a well deserved honour.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Jillian’s standing ovation was well-deserved. She is such a humble and hard worker. She always seems so calm, even in the midst of chaos (I say ‘seems’ cause its entirely possible that inside she is freaking out like the rest of us 😉
    I have attended many events organised by Jillian and feel honoured to have had the chance to work with her!

  3. Miranda says:

    Couldn’t think of two more well-deserving women! Thank you so much for all your hard work over so many years – you are both so amazing! xx
    (And yes, Gabriel, I agree Jillian always seems so calm, but now have it on good authority that she is ‘normal’ like the rest of us!! 😉 )

  4. Nicole Hams says:

    So lovely to see your faces again Jillian and Cath – MOPS has been so lucky to have you both all these years! You were both an absolute blessing to us all in Qld when I was there – just counting back the years, my youngest is 10 today – where did that go?
    Love to you both, Nicole

  5. Jillian says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. Gabriel, I am definately freaking out on the inside like the rest of you and many times on the outside as well.

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