Conference Week

13 October 2014

Conference Week is finally here! We have a huge weekend planned for you and can’t wait to welcome you all to Stanwell Tops this Friday. Whether you are flying or driving to Sydney, we are praying you travel safely.

We know that a weekend away for mums means two lots of organising: first you have to prepare things on the home front, and THEN you have to pack your own bags. If you need it again, here is the suggested pack list provided by The Tops. And here’s an extra list of a few things you might forget, provided by Leaders who have been to Conference many (many) times:

Things to Bring

  • something fancy and feathery for Saturday night!
  • toothpaste
  • phone charger
  • band aids/panadol/etc
  • hair straightener
  • jewellery (no kids, so you can wear dangly earrings if you want!)
  • a jacket – it can still be cold at night
  • Bible (or set up a Bible app on your phone to save luggage space)
  • Offering money
  • Practical outdoor clothes if you have chosen an adventurous elective activity
  • sheets and a towel if you haven’t booked linen (doonas & pillows are on all beds)
  • got another tip or reminder to share? Leave a comment below!
Don’t forget that Be You Bravely t-shirts will be available for $20, and you can grab an extra copy of Catherine Oehlman’s devotional In The Midst of Mothering for $5. These little books make a great gift for new mums.

See you soon girls!

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  1. Sarah Thomson says:

    Don’t forget the toothbrush as well as the toothpaste 🙂

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