Game Winners & Losers

06 October 2014

When you play games with your kids, are you a winner or a loser?

As parents, we often play board games with our kids. We usually fall into two groups – those who let their children win and those who don’t. Parents who are very competitive, which includes most dads, love to win. Victory is essential – but there are the other parents who will bend the rules a bot to enable their kids to win. So what’s the best for our kids?

Actually, when kids play games, they need to learn how to play fairly and be gracious losers. They don’t learn these lessons if you let them win every time. So go ahead and make them beat you. Of course, don’t gloat when you win. Help your child during the game and teach them strategies for victory. Making them learn how to follow the rules and defeat you fairly will not only create stronger players, but give them a real sense of accomplishment when they finally whip you.

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