Cleanse your Lens

29 September 2014

With the recent addition of glasses to my handbag contents, I’m appreciating the value of clarity of vision! It’s amazing how you can slowly lose clear vision and almost not notice until it reaches crisis point.

Now with reading glasses to hand I’m discovering that it’s very frustrating looking through a smudge. Just like bird poo smeared across your windscreen when you’re driving your car – there is a very real risk you can’t see clearly and it hampers your ability to respond well.

There are so many things that serve as ‘smudges’ on the lens we view life through. Hurt, anger, disappointment, failed expectations, presumption, miscommunication, all cloud our vision and hamper our perspective.

Over the past few years I’ve seen miscommunication via email/text/facebook cause all kinds of havoc. Miscommunication can become one almighty smudge!!!


If you look at life through a lens that is smudged by some failed expectations, you may find that instead of seeing how blessed you are, your vision is distorted, and you are disappointed by what you see as a less than satisfying life.

If you have been hurt or perceive someone has slighted you, then your ability to communicate clearly is marred by that hurt. The hurt becomes a smudge that you can’t see past.

What has that to do with being a MOPS leader??

Your MOPS group is a wonderful melting pot of mums from all manner of backgrounds and life experiences. Whether on a routine MOPS morning or in the context of your steering team, authentic communication between mums is one of the treasures of the MOPS experience.

BUT.. what if you are looking through a smudged lens!

What if you are sensing tension in your group? What if your home life is causing your hurt? What if you think someone is unhappy with your performance in the MOPS team?

All these little annoyances and self doubts are like smudges on the lens you are seeing your life through. These smudges get in the way of effective communication. They change the way we see the world and how we receive information from those in it. Those smudges change our perspective and impede our vision. That smudge of self doubt is going to get in the way of you receiving anything that looks like encouragement. It just won’t get through.

Are you struggling with your interaction with others, either in your MOPS group or in your family/friend circle?

Stop and ask yourself whether perhaps you are looking at others through a lens that is smudged by hurt, disappointment, misconception or other things that are making it hard for you to have a clear perspective.

Blame doesn’t need to be laid so much as responsibility taken for ‘cleansing your lens’ so you might see clearly.

When those smudges are recognised for what they are and removed, you will experience such freedom. It will open the way for you to live and love more fully, and that’s gotta be worthwhile!!

Karen Dickson


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