Sibling Rivalry

15 September 2014

If parents were asked to indicate the most irritating feature of parenting, sibling rivalry would get their overwhelming vote. 

You might have noticed that little children and older ones too, are happy to argue and fight, and hit and scream – and to push those buttons in private and public.  It’s enough to drive parents crazy! Ensuring your children get along should be a goal of you and your partner. Expect your children to always treat one another with respect. It should be a non-negotiable from the very start. A few things that could work for you.

1. Nip situations in the bud. Don’t allow words or physicality get out of hand.

2. No-one gets left behind; everyone is to be included in activities.

3. Ensure all conflict is resolved quickly and with an apology.

It is vital each child feels loved, important and valued, especially by their siblings.

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