Will you consider one more year?

08 September 2014

Many years ago when I first discovered MOPS, I was so pleased to find a ministry I could do with my child ‘in tow’. I didn’t have to wait till my daughter was in school to be involved in worthwhile and productive ministry! When I ‘graduated’ from MOPS I thought that was the end of my MOPS ministry. But I was wrong. The following year, with no new MOPPETS leader in sight, our Coordinator asked me if I would consider giving MOPS one more year.  This wasn’t in my plans, but as I reflected on the value of our MOPS group, to mums as well as children, I could not think of a better ministry to be involved in.  MOPS is such a wonderful way for churches to reach mothers at a unique and very special time of their lives with practical support, with Jesus’ love and with the gospel message of hope.  So I did another year. Best decision I ever made! By the end of that year I was fully on board with MOPS for the long haul. Still am. And still loving it.

MOPS groups are run by mothers of preschoolers for mothers of preschoolers. This is one of the things that makes MOPS so effective. It is a group of mums who understand and care for each other. But MOPS is a larger ministry than the local group. It is a national organisation with an Australasian vision. And the larger MOPS organisation welcomes graduated MOPS mums – needs graduated MOPS mums – to be partners in this ministry.  MOPS needs Christian women with MOPS experience to bring their special skills to help MOPS grow.

MOPS needs women to encourage and support MOPS groups at a regional level, to coordinate activities at a state level, to promote MOPS to churches and help plant groups in new areas. MOPS needs women with conference management experience, graphic design skills, administrative ability, marketing and promotional experience, as well as those with a focus on governance and strategic thinking.

If you’re a graduated MOPS mum, or if you are graduating soon, Will you consider giving MOPS one more year?  I’d love to hear from you: office@mops.org.au

Lexia Smallwood

Managing Director







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