Being Brave and Saying YES!

01 September 2014

It’s less than four weeks till registrations close for our Australasian MOPS Conference 2014. As Registrar of this year’s Conference, it has been such a joy to watch as the numbers have ticked over – almost daily! Hopefully you’re one of the scores of ladies who have already registered for this amazing weekend of growing as a leader, and relaxing as a mumma.

Or perhaps you’re keen to go, but you haven’t quite brought yourself to say yes just yet. There are plenty of things stopping us from committing to a weekend away from the family… ‘Will the kids be ok?’, ‘Will hubby cope without me?’, ‘Will I know anyone?’ and so on. But there are plenty more reasons why coming to Conference is a GREAT idea! Maybe this is your opportunity to live out the theme for next year, “Be You, Bravely”, and step out in faith and say “Yes!” – and (whilst being a good steward of your resources) let God sort out the details.

This year’s Conference will not disappoint. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet CEO and President of MOPS International, and author of next year’s theme book, Sherry Surratt. It’s your chance to meet with other MOPS Leaders in the same position as you, and discuss your joys and challenges as a leader. It’s a moment to sit and be filled with some “fuel” to keep you going over the next few hectic months. And it’s an opportunity to kick up your heels and have a fantastic ‘night out with the girls’ with our Fun, Feathers and Finery event on Saturday night! The dressing up (it doesn’t need to be a ball gown, by the way), mocktails, and general shenanigans will make for a great night out. A sure-fire way to bond with your teammates and feel like a grown-up again!

And long after the kids have forgotten they missed you, or hubby has recovered from his embarrassing stint with three kids at the shops, or you’ve stretched the budget to overcome the expense – long after these things are forgotten, you will still be buzzing from the rejuvenating time away to remember you’re a woman and a leader, as well as a mum. You will remember the people you met, the laughs you had, the meals you finished without interruption. You will also remember the motivating and inspiring leadership training that is part and parcel of a MOPS Conference. And you will remember that you stepped out in faith and said “Yes! Count me in!” and let God organise the details.

You can register for conference here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Miranda Miller

Conference Registrar


2 Responses to “Being Brave and Saying YES!”

  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    I can’t wait!!

  2. Vanessa Ralph says:

    The countdown is on! Bring it on 🙂 Conference is always so amazing!

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