Keep the Vision Alive

18 August 2014

Over my years in MOPS leadership a particular issue has arisen now and again, but in the last couple of months, it has come up too often for my comfort.

How do Christian women, not on our MOPS teams but in our MOPS groups, perceive MOPS?

How do young Christian mums in our MOPS churches, who don’t attend MOPS, perceive MOPS?

Unfortunately many of these young mums do not have the correct understanding of MOPS at all.

Some flawed views I have heard first and second-hand include:

  • MOPS is just a coffee and cake, mums friendship group?
  • MOPS is not really Christian, any community group could run it.
  • I don’t want to attend MOPS because it is not Kingdom focused.
  • MOPS is not spiritual enough.
  • I don’t attend MOPS because I wouldn’t get anything out of it.

In the light of these perceptions, which are not only incorrect but I think even detrimental to this amazing ministry, I believe we need to take action. What can we do?

I want to challenge each and every MOPS team to run a vision sharing event at least once a year for every Christian woman in your MOPS group and in your church.

This could be done by organizing a special dinner, or coffee and dessert type event. Alternatively, you could even invite them along to your State MOPS Conference Friday evening program, where they would gain a greater insight.

This vision presenting event should include information about the following…

  • the goals of MOPS both through and beyond the coffee and cake
  • the prayer, and specific God-centred planning that occurs behind the scenes of a MOPS morning
  • the Kingdom focus (the undergirding-evangelism intent of every single element of a MOPS morning program; from the acts of love and service to the open discussion questions which allow for God stories. The twice yearly gospel presentation mornings)
  • the principles of friendship evangelism (people do not come to faith because you start a meeting in prayer)
  • the challenge that for God’s women, MOPS is an opportunity to go above and beyond their own needs to meeting the needs of others

I believe as you begin to share this vision regularly, you will see the fruit in many ways:

  • greater support from your home church,
  • more church women attending your MOPS group
  • more of the Christian women, who are not on team, intentionally engaging with the non Christian mums
  • more Christian women in your MOPS group willing to become part of your MOPS team.

If you would like some more detailed materials for a MOPS Vision Presentation, I would be happy to email you with some resources.


Erma Mayes

Area Coordinator SA, TAS, VIC



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  1. Sallyanne Patten says:

    Thanks Erma. This is a great article and very relevant for every MOPS group. Thanks.

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