A team everyone wants to be a part of.

11 August 2014

Have you ever really wanted to be part of a particular team? I watched the Australian netball team, the Diamonds, and wished I could be a part of that team. Not just because they won the gold medal, but also because they looked like a team, not just a group of people on the same netball court. The strongest players in each position were on the court and it looked like those on the bench were still a part of the team. They looked united and all had a common goal. They looked like they cared about each other and celebrated the little successes as well as the big ones.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was something all MOPS teams strived to achieve? If our teams looked like the type of team that other people want to be apart of. If the people on the team were committed to each other and were willing to sacrifice so the strengths of everyone on the team could be used.

I believe every MOPS group can have a team like this. All it takes is a bit of team bonding and you don’t have to walk the Kakoda trail to do it. (Although that would be a very bonding experience) You can do this in some very simple ways.

  • Create a team covenant together so everyone knows what is expected of them
  • Share a meal together either once a year or more regularly
  • Have a retreat where you can do some team training, bible study or simply talking together.
  • Have a family BBQ where you can meet each other’s families.
  • Attend MOPS training days and conferences together. (I’ve done a lot of team bonding on road trips)
  • Create small goals for your team and celebrate together when these are achieved. (eg: 5 new returning mums by end of term, fundraise enough to cover cost of conference)

The most important way to bond a MOPS team is to pray together. Get together on the off week to MOPS, before each meeting or once a month at night when partners can babysit and PRAY!! MOPS is God’s ministry so make him a part of your team. It wont be long until your steering team looks like the type of team that other people will want to join.


Laurinda Coulter




3 Responses to “A team everyone wants to be a part of.”

  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    Thanks for this, Laurinda. Some great advice on making a strong and healthy team

  2. Vanessa Ralph says:

    MOPS teams can be so amazing. I have really missed being on team this year for all the reasons mentioned in this article. The relationship, support, prayer, meeting together regularly and being a part of each others’ lives. I have had such a wonderful experience being part of a MOPS team.

  3. Sallyanne Patten says:

    Thanks Laurinda for you words of wisdom. It certainly can be a great experience for all mums involved, prayer being a vital part of this.

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