Putting the Fun Back into Fundraising

30 June 2014

Fundraising. It’s everywhere! People are constantly asking for support. For money that could fund life saving medical research, stop the devastating effects of poverty or feed starving children… the causes are endless.

Keeping this in mind, and understanding that most people give generously to many deserving causes, I’m going to shift the focus to the Australasian MOPS Conference held this year in October. We want to see as many MOPS Team Members there as possible and effective fundraising is the key. Fundraising can be a time consuming and draining task that can have mixed results, but coming up with creative and innovative ways of fundraising could be the key to getting us to conference.

There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation.


Here’s a brief rundown of how our MOPS Team has raised money. We’ve tried a mixture of fundraising ideas and events, some with better outcomes than others. We are blessed to have a great team of ladies with many diverse talents – one of our leaders could easily be an events planner as she organises events with such ease and thoughtfulness. We are very thankful for her :0).

One of our more successful events is the annual ‘Mummy Made It Market’ and we even ran a second market last year called the ‘Mega Christmas Market’. These have proven to be very successful fundraising events, and they also support many of our ‘crafty’ mums – which we love! It’s a win-win situation. We hold the markets on Friday night, charge stallholders a table fee, collect a gold coin donation on entry and sell sausages & drinks. We are also able to promote MOPS by having a MOPS information stall.

We have lucky door prizes (donated by the stall holders) and a silent auction, which raises even more funds. People really enjoy these events. We were lucky enough to have a jumping castle donated at our Christmas market and were able to charge children a small fee, meaning more funds were being raised. We also care for our stall holders by giving them a free drink and BBQ voucher.

We promote these events by asking the local newspaper to run articles, and we use Facebook, clogging up everyone’s newsfeeds with frequent market updates and reminders.

Another successful fundraiser was our ‘Movie Night’ at the local cinema. The cinema sold tickets to us at $8 per person and we charged $16 meaning we raised $8 per person. We were also lucky enough on one occasion to have a generous donor who matched the cinemas contribution of $8 so we made a hefty $16 per person and with a packed cinema it did not take very long to add up! This event took very little organising, with the only real work involving being pre-selling tickets. One piece of advise is make sure you research the movie by reading Christian reviews or screen something that you may have already seen as there is a certain level of responsibility that comes with selling the tickets and it’s necessary that you feel comfortable screening the movie to your audience. It’s always a safe option to run a kids movie in the school holidays, that way you’re sure to fill the cinema and will be reasonably safe with your movie choice!

Here’s a few more fundraisers we have run:

  • Sausage Sizzles – Woolworths have donated sausages and bread in the past and we choose AFL Grand Final day, so these events have been very successful.
  • Trash and Treasure – This event is a lot of work but also a lot of fun! We collect donated clothing, books, baby items and toys weeks leading up to the event and then sort them into sizes and gender. (It’s a great idea to ask people donating goods to sort them into bags and sizes as this saves a considerable amount of time). On the night we charge an entry fee and give each guest a bag. The aim of the night is to fill your bag with new items for your wardrobe :0) Fun! We often play an icebreaker to decide who will collect the first item and then let people choose one item at a time in an orderly fashion… This is a much requested fundraiser for us and is also a great social night. Leftover goods are donated to Vinnie’s.
  • We’ve also tried the Growing Faith Fundraiser – information about this can be found right here on the MOPS Website! This didn’t raise a huge amount of money but was easy and was a great way of getting Christian content into our MOPS Mum’s homes :0).

We hope these ideas will help in your fundraising efforts and we can’t wait to meet you at MOPS Conference. See you there!

Ruth Overton



3 Responses to “Putting the Fun Back into Fundraising”

  1. Bec Hordern says:

    Just a couple of weeks ago we ran a cake stall and raised $1200. We were very excited and are going to try and run one more before conference. Can’t wait for conference!

  2. Miranda says:

    Brilliant Ruth! Some great ideas there x

  3. Lexia Smallwood says:

    I loved reading about those great ideas Ruth! And I look forward to seeing lots of your leaders at Conference.

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