19 June 2014

Thoughts of change excite our imagination and fill us with possibilities of what could be and yet the decision to make a change is enough to send many of us into a cold sweat, often causing us to live uncomfortably within our comfort zone.

Why is it that contemplating change makes us nervous and resistant? Maybe it’s the loss of identity, position or relationships we have long cultivated and the lack of confidence in future prospects that keep us from moving on when our heart is calling us to something new.

Staying too long and being unable to make the change well, means that we often undo much of the good we have achieved. I have recently read a book on Australian Prime Ministers from Federation to Howard. My interest was not in politics but in the leadership principles of these men and particularly how they finished.

I found that among the long history of our country’s leaders, it was rare for a PM to know when his time was up, and consequently most were tossed out of office and faced the humiliation of defeat, rather than resign when they no longer had the ideas or energy to lead the country well and accept the admiration and respect, that they deserved.

For all of us, change is inevitable; it is God’s plan. While the Bible tells us that God is unchanging, his creation is in a constant state of flux, and that includes us, and adapt to it we must.

MOPS Australia is changing once again. Last week the MOPS office moved to Canberra under the leadership of Lexia Smallwood. While much will carry on as usual, Lexia will put her unique stamp on the leadership and use her skills and expertise to take MOPS to new heights and places we have not yet been. I know you will show Lexia the same patience and respect shown to me when I took on the role in 2010, as she familiarises with the current procedures and implements her plans for the future. MOPS is in good hands and God’s hands

Meanwhile I will continue to be involved in MOPS in a different role after I have enjoyed a short break and will see you all at Conference.

May God bless you abundantly as you continue to serve Him

Margaret Sanders

4 Responses to “Change”

  1. Gabriel Norris says:

    So excited to see what this change holds for MOPS and for me 🙂

    I will miss you, Marg. You have been an amazing leader for MOPS and you have done incredible work to support and encourage growth!! You are an inspiration as a woman and a leader.

    Looking forward to seeing you at conference and excited to see what your new MOPS role will be 🙂

  2. Barbara Rice says:

    Thankyou Marg for your care, love and support during my time as Regional Coordinator and afterwards during Marg’s illness. All the very best for whatever God has for you both in the future..and in your new role in MOPS..Will pop in day when passing by.xo

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks Marg and may God bless you and yours in whatever you do and wherever you go. xx Heather

  4. Kylie Walls says:

    Thank-you Marg for all that you have given for MOPS. It has been a pleasure to work with you on a few projects. I pray that the future has many exciting things that will bring you great fulfillment.
    Kylie x

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