16 June 2014

What kind of gardener are you?
I love my garden – I do a bit of weeding and pruning, planting and shaping new garden beds, but there is opportunity to do so much more. I could have a veggie patch the envy of my neighbours or a green house boasting seedling of all sorts. So I guess I only loosely deserve the title ‘gardener’, because I’m not quite ‘there’ yet.
In Romans chapter 3 there is a wonderful passage that describes our righteousness as a gift from God through faith in Jesus. The marvellous thing about righteousness being a gift is that we can’t do anything to earn it. It’s not a title we deserve but a privilege we are given.
When we are called by God to adhere to the law, which you will also find within the pages of the book of Romans, it’s not because the law is a ladder we need to climb to reach the dizzy height of righteousness, it’s a means by which we can enjoy a close relationship with God. Spending time praying and soaking our souls in God’s word is like gardening for me.
If I only pop into my garden on occasion then I’m going to spend most of my time dealing with the weeds and trying to restore order caused by my inattention. I’m not going to have much opportunity to enjoy the best of what gardening has to offer.

Similarly popping only occasionally into prayer and bible reading robs me of the opportunity for close relationship with God to enjoy the fullness of His gift of righteousness. I find myself dealing just with the ‘weeds’ in my life and not having opportunity to enjoy the best that a close relationship with God offers.I know the benefits of spending time in my garden, not just because I should but to get the most satisfaction from it.

What joy there is in spending time with God, in close  relationship with Him through prayer and the word, not because I should, but because close relationship with God is so wonderful.
What kind of gardener are you?

Karen Dickson

Chair / Media Liaison

MOPS Australia

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