Collecting Stamps

02 June 2014

My kids have just discovered the joy of stamp collecting.  When my parents packed up their home a few years ago I was given all the stamps that my brother and sister and I had collected as kids.  And now my kids are covering my dining table in soaking bowls and drying towels and thousands of tiny bits of paper.  Today I sadly reflected on how blessed they are that that treasure trove of everyday (trash?) treasure wasn’t dumped years ago.  How in these days of email and texting could I ever get my hands on that volume of stamps?

Do you love getting personalised letters as much as I do?


Snail mail has a charm that email does not.  It seems to have the potential to reach across time and space and say “I slowed my day to think of you”.   A handwritten letter or card seems to say “I value you” so effectively.


A small token in the mail which is hand written has the potential to connect without invading and to lift a tired soul.  Do you use the post to connect and build up your MOPS mums?


After a MOPS morning recently one of our new mums who had missed the meeting before, only her second MOPS morning ever, drew me aside and said “thank you so much for the card I got in the mail.  It made me feel like there was no chance that I would slip between the cracks.”


After each MOPS morning we collate a list of absent mums and our amazing Publicity Leader makes a card for each lady and posts it to her, including the most recent newsletter.  Our aim is to make sure that the ladies know that their absence was felt and that we are keen to welcome them back at the next MOPS morning.

The main other way that we use the post to build our community of MOPS is by sending each MOPPET a birthday card in the mail.  One of our Craft Team is amazing at filling this job with no fuss at all.  And boy do the kids love their cards!  The magic of the post is not lost on the little ones and their joy does nothing but spread as they parade their cards and envelopes, complete with real stamps.










Has your MOPS group got any other ideas?  Do you use old school mail in any other ways to connect with, encourage, communicate with, build up or uplift your MOPS community?  (And who’s collecting the stamps?)


Grace McClymont

Toowoomba, Queensland







3 Responses to “Collecting Stamps”

  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    What amazing ideas, Grace. I hope we are able to implement some of these ideas into our group. Thanks for sharing.

  2. cath says:

    I still remember the time I received a tea bag and we-missed-you card from my group. I had been involved in MOPS for a long time already and it still meant so much to me.

  3. Vanessa Ralph says:

    Snail mail certainly has a more personal touch. We send a card out to mums for their birthday and a certificate of congratulations for the birth of a baby.

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