Preparing for the Future

12 May 2014

Preparation.  We all do it. Some of you might be preparing right now – for a new baby, a new house, a change in jobs, a party or for friends to visit. And, depending on what you are preparing for, it can be exciting, joyful, sad, busy, overwhelming, inspirational and sometimes scary.


I’m currently preparing for my forthcoming role as MOPS Managing Director. It’s exciting and joyful – and a little bit daunting.


On a practical level, I’m preparing for the MOPS office to move from Ballarat to Canberra in June.  I’m excited that we already have office space and now I’m planning how to make it say, ‘At MOPS we care about mothers and their young families’.  I think I will decorate the walls with photos of mothers and their children.


On an administrative level, I’m preparing by learning as much as I can from Margaret Sanders who is my mentor. And I’m getting to know the wonderful women on the MOPS management team – Donna Hill, Cath Oehlman and Jillian Ross – who ensure there is support for local MOPS groups, with training, resources, the website, and Conferences.


There are many occasions when we prepare for events in our life.  But we should also take time to prepare for eternity. God offers us an eternity where there are no tears or suffering, an eternity of fulfilment and joy.  Jesus died to make this future possible – He is even now preparing a place for us – and He encourages us to be ready for that time.  Those of us who believe in Jesus have a message of hope for all who have struggles in this world.


Your MOPS group is a place of practical care and encouragement, but it is also an opportunity for sharing that hope, for helping mums begin their own process of preparing for eternity, and for passing that hope on to their families. I look forward to the privilege of supporting and encouraging your group and your MOPS leaders in this important work.


Lexia Smallwood

Associate Director


BTW If you have a good quality ‘mother and baby’ photo you’d be happy to pass on to the MOPS office, I’d love to receive it at


3 Responses to “Preparing for the Future”

  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    Thanks Lexis for a great blog this week. I am excited to see you move into this new position and wish you all the best!

  2. Sallyanne Patten says:

    Congratulations Lexia, I’m part of Kingston City Church MOPS group where Joan Gordon was Mentor. I’m sure God has equipped you to take on this new role in MOPS. Look forward to meeting you at the Sydney Conference in October.

    God bless,

  3. Ainkaeo says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, I am Bradley Benjamin’s mthoer. I watched Mark and Bradley along their paths as they finished high school and became young men. I have been following your journey with the kids through facebook and I pray for you every day. Your faith is amazing and God’s mercy is never ceasing. Prayers continue to flow for you mine and the prayers of those I have asked to pray for you. Love you!

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