The Importance of A Legacy

28 April 2014

Most states are enjoying School Holidays and an opportunity to take a break from the school lunches, the after school activities and the early morning rising.  I hope it’s been a chance to connect with your kids and enjoy that beautiful weather that only Autumn offers.  

Autumn is my favourite time of year, the changing colours of the leaves and grasses, the fresh mornings and warm days, the preparation and planting of my spring garden and the hope and anticipation of glorious colour when it arrives. 

Hope is the daily strength of the Christian and faith is the only way to attain it.  Planting seeds for the future and waiting in anticipation for the results is what the Christian faith is based on and the basis of that hope is the resurrection of Christ.

My prayer is that each of you will have found this Easter a time of spiritual and physical refreshing, and a resurgence of hope in preparation to face the term ahead with all its joys and challenges.

Leadership is not an easy job and some of us are better equipped with the time, experience and training to cope with the demands and difficulties that we never dreamed we would have to face. But can I encourage you all to take the time to pray. Our relationship with God is our source of strength and yet in the busyness of life it is so often the first thing we neglect.

Leadership also involves discipline, and availing ourselves of training opportunities.  If asked to define “leadership” most of us would struggle to give an answer, but certainly the results of our leadership can be seen in our followers, are they learning, growing and reaching their potential.  Are they being equipped to serve and step up into a leadership role?  Are they able to manage conflict with grace and wisdom?  Leadership is not a title but a responsibility, Luke defines a leader as “one who serves” and the success is measured in the assets and legacy it leaves behind.

As mothers, homemakers and MOPS Leaders we are all in servant-leader roles and we owe our children, family and groups a legacy for the time we have been privileged to serve in these specific roles.

MOPS is undergoing significant change this year with the appointment of Lexia Smallwood as our new Managing Director and this has certainly been on my mind – What legacy will I leave MOPS?

Max Depree The Art of Leadership charges me as an outgoing leader with certain responsibilities:

The reputation and relationships that enable MOPS continued financial health. 


Committed leaders who are valued for their work and value their position and people they serve.


The reputation of MOPS as an organisation and how it is perceived by the wider community.


Future leaders, that they may be identified, developed and equipped for service.

This will be my continued commitment until my retirement from this position. Lexia is now working with me in an Associate Director role until the MOPS office moves to a its new location in Canberra during the second half of the year.

Lexia comes to us with a long MOPS history, both at group and Board level and has the experience and business acumen to successfully take MOPS into the future.  Meanwhile MOPS will continue at its present location and you will be given plenty of notice of any changes.

The MOPS Conference will give you an opportunity to meet Lexia in person and a further incentive to send representatives from your group. Information will be coming out regularly concerning Conference over the next few months, meanwhile make plans to be there – start raising your finance.  We will definitely not leave you disappointed.

Margaret Sanders

Managing Director






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