A Beautiful Mess… Greetings from the Board!

10 March 2014

When I drag my body out of bed in the morning and walk past a somewhat large bathroom mirror to the shower, I try not to even glance at the vision reflected there. My husband has been known on countless occasions (almost daily) to tell me how beautiful I am. Does he need medicating? He sees beauty… I see an early morning mess in need of beautifying!

A beautiful mess?! Almost an oxymoron isn’t it, and yet it forms a wonderful framework from which you will discover the wonder and beauty that can be found in the mess you perceive yourself to live in.

As a Board we are preparing for our first meeting for 2014 and there are wonderful developments afoot, that will come to fruition by our Australasian Conference in October.

Who are the board? Faceless people doing the boring stuff that no-one really gets or cares about? Yes and no.

We are the men and women who come from around the country with one purpose and we have one critical thing in common… We LOVE what MOPS does in the lives of women and families, and we want to be part of what makes that happen.

We tackle the business end of the organisation to make sure that it’s sustainable into the future, able to grow and develop, expanding into areas of our big country where women are yet to enjoy the MOPS experience. Our goal is to make sure MOPS is strong, resourced and an organisation of integrity, supporting what you do every week in your own group.

It’s a year brimming with promise and opportunity. May you be blessed as you explore your  Beautiful Mess, open to the truth that God has to share with you about how beautiful you REALLY are!

As a Board we are ‘batting’ for you and watching your success with the satisfaction of a loving parent.

God Bless

Karen Dickson

MOPS Australia Chair



3 Responses to “A Beautiful Mess… Greetings from the Board!”

  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    Thanks Karen 🙂

  2. Gabriel says:

    Thanks! I am sure there must be many women who have no idea about what you do. On their behalf, a big thank-you for your commitment to this amazing thing we call MOPS 🙂

  3. cath says:

    Thank you Karen for the amazing work that you and the Board do in supporting all of us in the field! x

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